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Understanding Kyoto’s 1150-Year-Old Gion Festival

Join Gion Festival author Catherine Pawasarat and's Steve Beimel for a talk on Kyoto's 1150 year old Gion Festival. Take advantage of their insiders' insights on Japan’s most famous festival.

Birthing Your Book: Self Publishing Tips


Learn self-publishing tips with Catherine Pawasarat, author of "The Gion Festival: Exploring its Mysteries" with Writers in Kyoto. Online via zoom.

Generative Tourism: How to Get There From Here

Generative Tourism: How to Get From Here to There ジェネレイティブ・ツーリズム: ここからそこへの行き方 Watch the video recording of the event below. ここ で ビデオを見てください。 Stay tuned for a transcript of the presentation. 日本語は次。We know we need a better kind of tourism. What does that look like? And how can we manifest it? On July 14, 2023, Japanologist Alex […]