Gion Festival 2020. Some sections of the procession look like the festival did 100 years ago. This is Shinmachi street, north of Takoyakushi Street..

Some sections of the procession look like the festival did 100 years ago.

Like every year, there’s lots happening during the spectacular and enormous Gion Festival 2020. Alas, most events are little advertised, or marketed only in Japanese.

Let me help for your experience of Gion Festival 2020. I’ve attended more the festival more than a dozen times, and have spent time at each of the floats, and with each of their communities.

Sign up to my website at right to download my interactive maps of the Gion Festival. You can find your way around the festival floats and follow the various processions.

If you buy my new guidebook to the Gion Festival, you can also download a festival schedule. It’s taken me years of research to put this together, and it’s my gift to new readers.

Plus, leading up to and during the Gion Festival 2020, I’ll be sharing special events and little-known vignettes on my Gion Festival Facebook page and Instagram channel.

Check in there to learn more about things like:

  • Which float offers refreshing cups of matcha green tea (comes with air conditioning), and when;
  • Tours of traditional Kyoto architecture;
  • Where and when you too can pull a Gion Festival float (just for a block or two);
  • Where and when you can enjoy traditional Japanese dance and music;


My aim is to help you have an outstanding visit to Gion Festival 2020. Enjoy!